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We sold our home in June, 2007, and spent the next 7 1/2 years traveling full time in a Cross Roads Fifth Wheel. (We had been traveling during our summers for several years before going full time.) We loved the full-time lifestyle! Each summer we spent a month or two volunteering in State Parks, first in Indiana at McCormick's Creek State Park, near our family, then in later years as the grandchildren got older, at the Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico. We spent 6 months each winter at Cactus Gardens RV Resort in Yuma, AZ, where I worked mornings in the park office. The remaining months were spent on the road, seeing this great country of ours. Our favorite places are our National Parks. Anita loved photography and the freedom of digital photography, taking sometimes hundreds of photos in a day. We hiked as much as our legs will allow. We also really enjoyed square and round dancing as we travel across country, and meeting all the wonderful people who dance and/or travel.

But as in all things, there comes a time for change, and we decided it was time to create roots once more. In the fall of 2014, we purchased a home in Cactus Gardens, and in the spring of 2015, sold the 5th wheel. Anita also retired in the spring. We will continue to travel each summer, but for a shorter period of time. We hope to continue blogging about those trips, but it will obviously be on a more limited basis than in the past.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

From New York through Pennsylvania to Ohio

Leaving Buffalo, we took the scenic route running along the banks of Lake Erie. We ate lunch in a lovely little roadside park.P1260663






We spent the night in a quiet Geneva, Ohio RV Park, Kenisee’s Grand River RV.

P1260684 P1260677

The next day took us to East Harbor State Park.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Day at Niagara Falls

Over the years, there has been so much hype about Niagara Falls, talk about over commercialism, and superlative descriptions, we didn’t know what to expect.  Would it be all that great?  Would we be impressed or disappointed that it didn’t reach our expectations?

Well, we need not have worried.  There are no words or photos superlative enough to describe it’s grandeur.  Our day spent at Niagara Falls was by far the most enjoyable day of the summer trip.

As we neared the state park, there seemed to be a lot of fog in the area, and we were afraid the forecast of showers for the day might materialize early. 

Niagara Falls-012

We were soon to learn that the “fog” is permanent – not fog at all, but mist created by the power of the falls.  The water falls at 32 feet per second over the falls, hitting the base of the falls with 280 tons of force at the American and Bridal Veil Falls and 2,509 tons of force at the Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls is contained within the Niagara Falls State Park, America’s Oldest State Park, established in 1885.

The park was designed by America’s first landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, perhaps best known for designing New York City’s Central Park. Olmsted believed that parks should be places of natural beauty, where “the masses could be renewed.” This philosophy was applied throughout Olmstead’s landscape design for Niagara Falls State Park, with an entire network of footpaths through wooded areas and along the banks of the Niagara River. Today, the oldest American state park retains Olmsted’s vision by staying committed to maintaining native vegetation, preserving its unparalleled vistas and providing public access.

niagara falls0001

Our first glimpse of the falls was from the banks above the falls.Niagara Falls-030

Not wanting to miss anything, we decided to purchase a Discovery Pass,which covers all attractions at the park.

niagara falls0003It was well worth its cost. 

We thought it would be wise to take the boat trip first. 

On our way to the dock, we took a few minutes to ascend to the top of the Observation Tower.

Niagara Falls-068 

Niagara Falls-184











View of the tower from another angle.


Rising almost 300 feet, the view of all three falls from the walkway near the top is fantastic!

Niagara Falls-051b3b

The Maid of the Mist takes you from the Observation Tower to the base of Horseshoe Falls.  There is a U.S. Maid of the Mist and a Canadian version. This is a photo of the Canadian Maid of the Mist as it leaves its dock.

Niagara Falls-062

Niagara Falls-157

In the opposite direction, the bridge leading from the U.S. to Canada makes another impressive view.  We forgot to take our passports along, so we were not able to cross over the bridge.

 Niagara Falls-065

The boarding ramp starts at the Observation Tower and winds down to the dock.

Niagara Falls-072

Niagara Falls-066   

Niagara Falls-093 The Discovery Pass contains the following tongue-in-cheek disclaimer:


Since you are provided with disposable raincoats, we thought we’d be protected.

   Little did we know.



Niagara Falls-094


Niagara Falls-110

Looking back at the Observation Tower

Before we even reached the closest point to Horseshoe Falls, our feet were drenched. 

It was like being outside in a windy rainstorm.

Niagara Falls-103    

Ron managed to stay a little drier than I, since I kept trying to take photos while trying to keep the camera dry, and the water would run down inside my sleeves.

Niagara Falls-131Another tour boat ahead of us.

Niagara Falls-123

Entering Horseshoe Falls

     Niagara Falls-132b  Niagara Falls-133b







Niagara Falls-139Niagara Falls-134

Looking Back

Horseshoe Falls001










This crop from a  postcard shows an aerial view of Horseshoe Falls.

We then climbed the stairs up to the Crow’s Nest, where you get close enough to the American Falls to be in the mist.

Niagara Falls-156      Niagara Falls-171








Ron decided not to tackle quite all the stairs…that’s him sitting in the center on the rock…..

Niagara Falls-165 and me, waving back down at him.

Niagara Falls-183

Again, it’s one of those scenes you have to experience…photos cannot do justice.  This was as close as I could photograph without doing damage to the camera.  As I got closer, I was enveloped by the spray.

A trolley system transports you throughout the park.

Niagara Falls-211

Whether you ride on the trolley or walk, the park grounds are extremely well cared for and lovely.


Niagara Falls-367Niagara Falls-313 

 Niagara Falls-374 Niagara Falls-389







Niagara Falls-221



The walk to the overlook at Bridal Falls was next on our list.  It also provides a good view back of American Falls.


Niagara Falls-259

Niagara Falls-229 Niagara Falls-230 Niagara Falls-232 Niagara Falls-234 Niagara Falls-236

Niagara Falls-247







The famous rainbow of Bridal Falls is captured in the photo.


You go beneath the American Falls by navigating your way across the catwalks to the famous Hurricane Deck.   The power of the thunderous falling water here is mind boggling.  It was almost hard to stand upright.

Niagara Falls-241





This is looking down on the catwalk.  An elevator transfers you down to the catwalk. 


Niagara Falls-271 Niagara Falls-285


Niagara Falls-286 Niagara Falls-290

Niagara Falls-310




Once again, it was impossible to take photos beyond a certain point.  It was all I could do to protect the camera under the rainwear.





As you move throughout the park, you cannot refrain from snapping one photo after another.


Niagara Falls-341Niagara Falls-315 

Niagara Falls-391

An arched walkway lets you walk over the highway to the Aquarium of Niagara.


Niagara Falls-480

This view of the city is from the top of the walkway. 



Niagara Falls-393 Niagara Falls-399 Niagara Falls-407 Niagara Falls-413


Outdoors, we met several varieties of harbor seals.






Indoors were all manner of aquatic mammals and fish.

Niagara Falls-432 Niagara Falls-451Niagara Falls-438   Niagara Falls-463 Niagara Falls-469Niagara Falls-442 

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center has many interactive displays.

Niagara Falls-478

Last on our list was the Niagara Legends of Adventure Theater Imax theater which took you through a variety of legends, daredevil acts and real life Niagara heroics.  It was a wonderful way rest our weary feet to end our day.  Fortunately, the rain had held off all day, and only began to sprinkle as we entered the theater.

Niagara Falls was an experience we will never forget!