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We sold our home in June, 2007, and spent the next 7 1/2 years traveling full time in a Cross Roads Fifth Wheel. (We had been traveling during our summers for several years before going full time.) We loved the full-time lifestyle! Each summer we spent a month or two volunteering in State Parks, first in Indiana at McCormick's Creek State Park, near our family, then in later years as the grandchildren got older, at the Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico. We spent 6 months each winter at Cactus Gardens RV Resort in Yuma, AZ, where I worked mornings in the park office. The remaining months were spent on the road, seeing this great country of ours. Our favorite places are our National Parks. Anita loved photography and the freedom of digital photography, taking sometimes hundreds of photos in a day. We hiked as much as our legs will allow. We also really enjoyed square and round dancing as we travel across country, and meeting all the wonderful people who dance and/or travel.

But as in all things, there comes a time for change, and we decided it was time to create roots once more. In the fall of 2014, we purchased a home in Cactus Gardens, and in the spring of 2015, sold the 5th wheel. Anita also retired in the spring. We will continue to travel each summer, but for a shorter period of time. We hope to continue blogging about those trips, but it will obviously be on a more limited basis than in the past.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May was our family month

2010-05-05 - IN, Monroe Lake - Parked at Chris -  1001 Back in Indiana, it was time to celebrate several family milestones.  We parked in Chris and Jeanne’s driveway to finish out the month of May. 

The day after we arrived was Alyssa’s 16th birthday.  She chose a vegetarian restaurant in Bloomington for dinner, which we shared with other family members.  Dessert followed at home.

2010-05-06 - IN, Bloomington - Alyssa's 16th Birthday - 1003

That weekend, we attended Cassandra’s graduation from Ball State University, and her Open House the following day.

2010-05-08 - IN, Muncie - Ball State U - Cassandra's Graduation - 1005 

The next weekend brought Chelsey’s graduation from Bloomington South High School, and her Open House.  We’re very proud of our two girls

2010-05-29 - Chelsey's Graduation Day (164)

We also had the pleasure of attending the last concert of the year by the Indiana Youth Philharmonic.  Alyssa played a flute solo.  Here, she stand for recognition2010-05-23 - IN, Bloomington - Hoosier Youth Philharmonic - Alyssa - b-1

Ron found a willing helper in Dakota.  During our stay, Ron worked at clearing the edge of the yard.  Dakota learned quickly to help dig, and then to grab the roots of multifloral rose to pull it from the ground.2010-05-05 - IN, Monroe Lake - Working with Dakota - 1002

Rain prevented him from working every day, but he enjoyed mowing and filling ditches when the sun shone.

Chelsey works at the Rocky River Farm Equestrian Center.  We visited one morning, and enjoyed meeting the many horses.

2010-06-03 - IN, Bloomington - Visiting Chelsey at work -c-1 

Annually, our home church, Liberty View, moves its services to Spring Mill State Park for an outdoor service and “dinner on the grounds”.  It was the first time we’d seen many of the congregation for two years, and despite the rain, was a great time to renew friendships.2010-05-16 - IN, Mitchell - Spring Mill - Liberty View -10152010-05-16 - IN, Mitchell - Spring Mill - Liberty View -1016 2010-05-16 - IN, Mitchell - Spring Mill - Liberty View -1002 

We returned to Spring Mill later in the month for a family gathering with cousins.  Cassie went along, with her new camera.  We teased her that we seldom saw her face that day.2010-05-31 - IN, Spring Mill State Park - Elliott Family, Cassie (141) 2010-05-31 - IN, Spring Mill State Park - Elliott Family, Cassie (119) 2010-05-31 - IN, Spring Mill State Park - Elliott Family, Cassie (120) 2010-05-31 - IN, Spring Mill State Park - Elliott Family, Cassie (121)

We found time for play, too.  We had several family pool games throughout the month…

2010-05-10- -IN, Bloomington - Visit with Cassie and Logan - 1005 2010-05-29 -4- IN, Bloomington -  Pool with Cassie, Alyssa, Chelsey-9 2010-05-29 -1- IN, Bloomington - Pool with Cassie, Cameron-2

…lots of walks through Foggy Morning Glen…

2010-05-19 - IN, Bloomington - Foggy Morning Glen (7)

and hot dogs roasted over a bonfire.  2010-05-29 -3- IN, Bloomington -  Bonfire at Chris -b-3The time seemed to fly, and before we hardly knew it, May was gone, and it was time to move to McCormick’s Creek State Park and our Camp Hosting job.

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Sounds like you had a perfect May! Great family and great pictures of everything. Thanks. Feel free to come visit at http://levonnesprettypics.blogspot.com/