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We sold our home in June, 2007, and spent the next 7 1/2 years traveling full time in a Cross Roads Fifth Wheel. (We had been traveling during our summers for several years before going full time.) We loved the full-time lifestyle! Each summer we spent a month or two volunteering in State Parks, first in Indiana at McCormick's Creek State Park, near our family, then in later years as the grandchildren got older, at the Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico. We spent 6 months each winter at Cactus Gardens RV Resort in Yuma, AZ, where I worked mornings in the park office. The remaining months were spent on the road, seeing this great country of ours. Our favorite places are our National Parks. Anita loved photography and the freedom of digital photography, taking sometimes hundreds of photos in a day. We hiked as much as our legs will allow. We also really enjoyed square and round dancing as we travel across country, and meeting all the wonderful people who dance and/or travel.

But as in all things, there comes a time for change, and we decided it was time to create roots once more. In the fall of 2014, we purchased a home in Cactus Gardens, and in the spring of 2015, sold the 5th wheel. Anita also retired in the spring. We will continue to travel each summer, but for a shorter period of time. We hope to continue blogging about those trips, but it will obviously be on a more limited basis than in the past.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

June at McCormick’s Creek


This was our 4th year to host at McCormick’s Creek. In 2007, June was great; each of the years since, the weather has been less than perfect, either rainy or oppressively hot and humid. 20100611

One of the activities we enjoy most when at McCormick’s is hiking the many wooded trails. With the wet weather though, the trails stayed muddy much of the month.image image

There’s always a few interesting incidents when camphosting. P1030284Perhaps the neatest one this year was the couple who unwittingly brought 3 baby kitties with them. Shortly after arriving, they began to hear the mewing and several hours later had found all three kittens. They began feeding the little ones (who barely had their eyes open) with an eye dropper. The most unique part of the story is that this had happened to Carolyn and Ron once before, different camper, different mama cat.

Our granddaughters really enjoyed meeting the couple and their kittens (I failed to get pictures) as did camphosts, Benny and Mabel (pictured).

P1030304 2010-06-24 - IN, McCormick's Creek State Park - Camphosting, visit from ChelseyWith all the hot weather, much of our time was spent indoors.  Several afternoons, I curled up in a chair with my needlework and Ron enjoyed playing computer games with a grandchild during their visits.

We cooked out with Dania and the girls and Chris and Jeanne a few times (again, I’ve gotten lazy…no pictures).  Dakota enjoyed a romp in the creek. P1030326

Throughout the month, the storms just wouldn’t let up.  There was one stretch of 5 days when the warning siren at Spencer went off each day.  The first of those storms brought a tornado 5 miles west of here, and topped one of the tall locust trees in our front yard.  It just barely grazed the 5th wheel on the way down, not even scratching it.  I snapped this photo through the rain after Ron had already removed the larger part touching the trailer.P1030405 A real treat came on Father’s Day when we got to hold our first great grandchild for the first time, Grace Elizabeth.P1030432 P1030436

Arts in the Park is an annual event at McCormick’s.  Many local artists display their work while local entertainers provide music.  I always enjoy browsing the booths to see the new ideas is crafts.  The one that intrigued me this year was ornaments covered with polymer clay squiggles.2010-06-26b - IN, McCormick's Creek State Park - Arts in the Park1006 Very unique, and something I’d like to try someday.

Benny and Mabel invited us down for a special treat the night before we left McCormick’s.  Benny cooked beans over the open fire for us, P1030597 and Mabel made cornbread and fried potatoes.  I contributed apple cobbler, and we had a feast.  What a great way to end our stay.  P1030599

We moved back to Chris and Jeanne’s the next day, but returned to McCormick’s on July 1 for a visit.  Benny and Mabel picked up a new fifth-wheel the day we left.  We wanted to see it, and Diann and Rick Pickard, also McCormick’s camphosts (May), who were in the area.  We had a great visit while enjoying cherry pie with coffee.  P1030609P1030607P1030608The weather may have been less than perfect during June, but the companionship of the Smiths, Pickards, and Connie McCain, our coordinator, more than made up for the weather.

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