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We sold our home in June, 2007, and spent the next 7 1/2 years traveling full time in a Cross Roads Fifth Wheel. (We had been traveling during our summers for several years before going full time.) We loved the full-time lifestyle! Each summer we spent a month or two volunteering in State Parks, first in Indiana at McCormick's Creek State Park, near our family, then in later years as the grandchildren got older, at the Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico. We spent 6 months each winter at Cactus Gardens RV Resort in Yuma, AZ, where I worked mornings in the park office. The remaining months were spent on the road, seeing this great country of ours. Our favorite places are our National Parks. Anita loved photography and the freedom of digital photography, taking sometimes hundreds of photos in a day. We hiked as much as our legs will allow. We also really enjoyed square and round dancing as we travel across country, and meeting all the wonderful people who dance and/or travel.

But as in all things, there comes a time for change, and we decided it was time to create roots once more. In the fall of 2014, we purchased a home in Cactus Gardens, and in the spring of 2015, sold the 5th wheel. Anita also retired in the spring. We will continue to travel each summer, but for a shorter period of time. We hope to continue blogging about those trips, but it will obviously be on a more limited basis than in the past.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Old Bag Factory in Goshen, Indiana

Goshen is a small town of about 30,000 set in the heart of Amish country.  Located in an area that makes many of the RVs in use today, it was the location of the motel we used during our RV repairs. It’s a charming town.

 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-001 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-047

Our destination today was The Old Bag Factory, a large building with a long history.

The 80,000 square feet building was constructed in 1896 for the Cosmo Buttermilk Soap Company.

buttermilk soap factorybuttermilk soap ad

bag factory In 1910, the plant was renovated and purchased by The Chicago-Detroit Bag Company. A 1924 merger put the building under the control of the Chase Bag Factory, and the factory became part of a colossal enterprise. The Goshen plant was one of the largest and most important of the 15 plants owned by the company. It was their specialty products division. The range of bags extended from waterproof burlap sacks to the fine, sheer paper used in Hershey’s Kiss wrappers.  It stayed in operation until 1982.

In 1984, the wind and weather had taken it's toll. Electricity and plumbing were no longer functioning.  New owners renovated it and opened a handcrafted custom furniture business.  As they made space available to artists and small businesses, the concept was formed that eventually led to today’s Old Bag Factory complex.

Sold once again in 2010, the owner worked to bring new life into the building, and several small businesses are now located there.  We enjoyed visiting the small shops and the way reminders of the building’s past are preserved throughout it’s rooms and hallways.

As you walk from the parking lot to the Old Bag Factory, you pass the quaint Quilt Designs shop, with it’s contribution to Quilt Gardens on the bank.2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-045

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-002

Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail is a project stretching over many miles depicting quilt blocks through flower gardens.  We have encountered several over the years.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-003

Portrayed in a mural on the building is another variation of the same quilt block.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-004

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-007 Across the walkway from the main building, another building houses a very nice Mennonite Thrift shop along with a few offices and a quilting business.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-008 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-009 .

Several quilted wallhangings adorn the hallway.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-011      2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-010

You are greeted with reminders on the wall of days gone by as you enter the foyer of the main building.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-020 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-014

 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-016 copy 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-018

Some of the many shops:

shop1  shop3

Artisans are busy making their wares in a lot of the shops.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-022 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-023

The lowest level has been left much as it was in the days of the factory and now houses a “yard sale type” flea market.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-025

In this small upstairs shop of used musical instruments, the owner told us how he is trying to cater to local band students, and then performed a song for us he had written about himself and the shop.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-028shop2

Across the hall, the music of a piano could also be heard. The pianos were gorgeous and the owner/musician outstanding.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-0312012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-029

As we roamed the various levels, we became more interested in the historical items tucked in corners than in the shops themselves.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-021 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-026

On one wall, examples of the bags manufactured were displayed, along with the screens used for the graphics.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-033                                2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-034

 2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-035                          2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-037 

This is a knitting machine used to make banana bags.2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-042

This last display seems a good way to end our post.

2012-08-30 - IN, Goshen - Old Bag Factory-024

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